MEDITERRANEAN FILM INSTITUTE (MFI) is a specialized training organization, focusing on script & project development. Established in 1998, it has implemented numerous training activities that address to European film professionals, and involve an international group of accomplished teachers of cinema & industry experts. MFI’s educational platform offers advanced continuous training for European screenwriters, directors and producers. Furthermore, it provides a meeting forum for creative exchange, and for addressing issues of the film development process and international production.

The Institute’s main activity, MFI Script 2 Film Workshops, is an advanced script & project development program. Its primary objective is to fully develop the participating screenplays through a process of workshops that emphasize on script analysis, revision and rewriting, aiming to enhance the projects’ dramatic impact on film audiences. Its 2nd objective is to improve the projects’ production potential, and help participating screenplays to reach the realization stage.

MFI's other training activities, including script workshop programs for feature and short films in Greece and Cyprus, have introduced an advanced, consistent screenwriting methodology to the Greek speaking world, resulting to many awarded and commercially appealing films. MFI's continuing efforts aim at transforming the environment for development and production of Greek and Cypriot films, the ultimate goals being artistic accomplishment and international appeal.


Institute’s Brief History

Mediterranean Film Institute’s training activities include a series of advanced, intense professional workshops for feature & short films, European & national alike:

MFI Script 2 Film Workshop (script & project development)

First period: 1998 – 2000 (for 20 Greek feature film projects)

  • The activity set the standards for script development in Greece
  • The vast majority of participating projects went on to be produced
  • A great deal of produced films received Greek & International Awards and had a successful commercial distribution

Second period: 2000 – today (with the support of the CREATIVE EUROPE/MEDIA training programme of the European Union)

  • More than 450 European filmmakers joined the activity as participants with projects, coming from 27 European countries
  • More than 350 projects were developed
  • An average 17% went on to be produced and successfully distributed in theaters & television
  • The majority have been in competition in international film festivals (Venice, Berlin, Locarno, Toronto, Rotterdam, Sundance, Karlovy Vary, Montreal etc.) Many have won significant awards (including an OSCAR winner, as well as winners at Venice, Locarno, Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival, German Film Awards, David di Donatello Awards etc.)

MFI Short Film Workshops (short script & project development)

First period: 1999 – 2004 (implemented in Greece, in co-operation with the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation - ERT)

  • A total of 100 short film screenplays were developed & re-written
  • 80 of them were produced by ERT; most of them won awards and distinctions in national & international film festivals

Second period: 2008 – today (implemented in Greece, in co-operation with the Greek National TV (ERT) & the Greek Film Center - GFC)

  • A total of 170 short film screenplays have been / will be developed & re- written
  • At least 130 of them have been produced / will be produced by Greek National TV & GFC, Greece’s main film financing organizations


Educational Agenda


MFI emphasizes on dramatic action and its capacity for stimulating audiences. The Institute approaches the task of script & project development not through any pre-formulated techniques, but rather through a difficult process of discovering & establishing each specific project’s quality & potential.

Furthermore, special attention is given towards cultural sensitivities & regional / national narrative concerns. The overall approach is to develop projects that speak to wide European & international audiences, and to produce cinematic works that are real emotional experiences, even if they “tell” a very regional, specific story – in the best tradition of European film heritage.


  • To improve participating screenplays’ artistic quality, dramatic impact and production potential
  • To increase participants’ awareness & knowledge of the development and production process
  • To introduce participants to strategies for the promotion of their project & for finding support on a European level
  • To offer participants an international network of contacts and opportunities to benefit from MFI partners in the audiovisual industry (production outlets, broadcasting companies, distributors, Co-production markets etc.)