What we try to do is not to get the writers and directors we have been working with, to write American films, but rather to focus on their own stories, and to bring to those stories their values of entertainment which people around the world associate with American Film. Values of clarity of purpose, of simplicity of form, and accessibility of content.

Lewis Cole, Trainer, USA

If European cinema is to successfully challenge America’s dominance of the world’s screens it will come in large part from initiatives like the MFI Script Workshops where proven dramatic craft is wedded to the unique artistic sensibilities of European filmmakers.

Nick Proferes, Trainer, USA

I’m extremely grateful that I had the chance to join the seminar. I thought the teachers and the other participants as well, were wonderful. The atmosphere was open, supporting and constructive. The seminar was organized with a lot of care and love, and I think we all took a lot of ideas and precious input home! The people from the island of Nissyros tried their best to make us feel welcome, and to fulfill our wishes. I had a wonderful time. My screenplay has improved a lot. My tutors asked me very valuable questions about my script. They showed me the right way, they helped me find out what I really want to talk about in my film. They don’t follow a certain recipe, but let every story grow organically.

Caroline Link, Screenwriter/Director, Germany

… without exaggeration my tutor at MFI Script Workshops was the best teacher I ever had in my life, the most lucid and the most passionate. It was really a wonderful experience to be able to work with him.

David Munoz Pantiga, Screenwriter/Director, Spain

If you want to get anywhere it helps to know where you are starting from. And this workshop not only gives you the starting point, but even sends you in the right direction.

Jan Fleischer, Trainer, Czech Republic

MFI put enormous boost in the screen writing process of my feature film "Absurdistan". The beautiful environment of the Greek Islands cures the wounds, which the substantial critic of the experts gives the writers ego. If you are looking for compliments, go elsewhere. If you want to have a good script, go to MFI!

Veit Helmer, Screenwriter/Director, Germany

MFI trainers painstakingly stimulate the creativity of the writers, balancing between the strict criticism of the scripts’ shortcomings and the encouragement of their dramatic advantages. In the same time, the trainers kept participants down to earth, always reminding them of the realities of the European film industry…

Nicos Perakis, Screenwriter/Director, Greece

… it was the most intense learning experience ever concerning film and screenwriting and I am very thankful for everything. The organization was perfect and I am very happy about it. Thank you!

Angelina Maccarone, Screenwriter/Director, Germany

My film EDUART has been screened in many countries and numerous international film festivals, and has received 18 international awards. In great part, this is due to my participation in MFI Script Workshops, where I developed the screenplay of the film. The program was the starting point for the creation of a solid, mature script. I would like to thank the MFI for a wonderful screenwriting journey.

Angeliki Antoniou, Screenwriter/Director, Greece

For me as a script developer, it was fascinating to see the teachers at work dealing with so many different projects, to see them getting all the answers from the writers themselves…it couldn’t have been better. I’ll be back.

Simon de Santiago Areizaga, Development executive, Spain

The process was extremely helpful for the development of my script and for me as a screenwriter. And all this in a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere which I think is important. I would like to thank you for this wonderful program!

Krisztina Esztergalyos, Screenwriter, Hungary

The tutors & participants are very attentive and they give you full attention and creative involvement (…) This chance to have together different people to express their opinion and consult you, it is unique. I strongly recommend MFI for developing a screenplay and I wish to express here my THANKS for their attention & care!

Andreas Pantzis, Screenwriter/Director, Cyprus

The first thing you realise when you introduce your story to so many people and you get the first feedback is that writing your script is going to be as hard as crossing a dessert. You have started walking with a lot of luggage and an unknown destiny, but with the help of the excellent tutors and the rest of participants, you get rid of all the things that your story doesn´t really need. This allows you to find your way to a satisfactory final draft without wasting your time in a fake oasis. The MFI has been the greatest source of water for my script. A wonderful proffessional and personal adventure.

Coral Cruz, Screenwriter, Spain

… it taught me a lot about the craft of writing and also about the profoundness of writing. I have learned that I have to go much deeper with what I want to write. I enjoyed the concentrated work on a beautiful, remote, friendly island. The organization was great, the seminar couldn’t have been any better. I was very happy about everything and I am very grateful that I could take part in this workshop.

Susanne Billig, Screenwriter, Germany

I knew all about screenwriting theory, but the MFI script workshops are where I really learned how to write. I learned how I could be ruthless with my own material, how I could re-imagine it at every turn and still retain what was essential, what made me want to write the piece in the first place. There is nothing quite like seeing a bunch of stories change and grow, working alongside writers from all over Europe all with their particular storytelling traditions and picking the brains of some of the sharpest tutors around.

Michel Sabbe, Screenwriter, Belgium

It has been a wonderful professional experience that has made me more aware of the importance and seriousness of our work as writers… One of the biggest problems for a screenwriter is this “internal blindness”, the inability to judge objectively his own script. To expose your story to an audience of colleagues and renowned teachers is a process that brings out immediately the technical and structural problems in your script. The feedback you get allows you to find out, to pinpoint the strong and the weak points in every script. This is not about fashioning your story to fit in everyone else’s taste. It rather has to do with whether or not what we want to express is already in the script and not just in our head…In short, the days we spent working in Nissyros were like a trial of fire. I don’t have the slightest doubt that all the scripts came out of this battle much better. I came to Nissyros and I got sick of my stomach, and it was no beach party, but my story is working now. So, I am happy!

Jaime Marques Olarreaga, Screenwriter/Director, Spain

From a professional perspective, my project has advanced light years and now has serious potential for production. This is largely due to the quality of the tuition and the in-depth rigor of the workshop sessions. From a personal perspective, I had a great time!

Jeremy Redhouse, Producer/Screenwriter, UK

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