MFI SCRIPT 2 FILM WORKSHOPS is an advanced training program offering a platform for the effective script & project development of European & international feature films. It consists of 4 intensive workshop sessions per year, based on group work, Q&Α sessions, case studies & individual consultations, and offers a global development methodology for participating projects.

SCRIPT DEVELOPMENΤ: The program helps to fully develop the participating screenplays, from first or subsequent draft to final draft. Through a process of workshops that focus on script analysis, revision & rewriting, it aims to produce solid screenplays that will have a strong dramatic impact to international audiences.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: The program offers participants the tools to set up an effective project development process (presentation, financing & formation of co-productions). It helps to analyze participating projects' potential in terms of markets & audiences, and to strategize as to their production.

TRAINING FOR SCRIPT EDITORS: The program offers selected seats for script development professionals (screenwriters, script consultants, trainers, commissioning editors, producers, decision makers) who wish to improve their skills in a practical framework. It incorporates them as "assistant trainers" working next to the program's tutors for the development of participating scripts.

TRAINERS & EXPERTS: The program involves some of the most established screenwriting teachers, producers & industry experts from Europe and the USA as trainers & tutors. Furthermore, in every workshop session, renowned international filmmakers offer lectures and participate in Q&A sessions.

WHO CAN APPLY? European & international creative teams (screenwriters, producers, directors) with a feature film project in development. Script development professionals without a project.

• For screenwriters, directors, script development professionals: 2.000€.
• For producers: 1.500€ (for the 1st residential session & on-line sessions) - an additional 500€ for the 2nd residential session.
Accommodation and board are covered by the program


for applicants with a project: MARCH 6, 2018
for applicants without a project: APRIL 20, 2018

*Prior to the selection results the dates are subject to change. Please contact the MFI office for more information.



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