Mediterranean Film Institute (MFI) is a specialised training organisation. Established in 1998, it has become a center for activities that bring together emerging screenwriters and directors from Europe and the Mediterranean region, teachers of cinema and accomplished professionals from the film industry. MFI is developing this initiative into a permanent center of continuous training for emerging European film talent, doing so in the land - and in an environment - that originally gave birth to Drama. Furthermore, it strives to create a meeting forum for European film professionals, which would be able to facilitate a creative interchange for re-addressing and re-discovering dramatic narrative technique, and for further elaborating on issues of contemporary cinematic narrative and dramaturgy.

In the sixteen years of its operation, MFI has become an accomplished European organization in the field of training, under the umbrella of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union. MFI's main training activity, MFI Script 2 Film Workshops is one of the most dynamic and successful screenwriting programs in Europe. More than 350 filmmakers have participated in the program, a great deal of the participating projects having been realized. Most of the produced works have won significant awards and distinctions in international festivals as well as they have been successfully distributed in theaters and television. MFI "alumni" includes 2003 Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Film "Nowhere in Africa" by the German writer/director Caroline Link.

MFI's other training activities, including script workshop programs for feature and short films in Greece and Cyprus, have introduced an advanced, consistent screenwriting methodology to the Greek speaking world, resulting to many awarded and commercially appealing films. MFI's continuing efforts aim at transforming the environment for development and production of Greek and Cypriot films, the ultimate goals being artistic accomplishment and international appeal.